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About Laoshe Tea house

This is one exciting cultural place at Qianmen off the main tourist itinerary. It is named after the drama Teahouse by Chinese author, Lao She. Lao She (1899-1966), real name Shu Qingchun, was of Manchurian descent and the famous author of the book called “Camel Xiangzi” also known in the US as “Rickshaw”. It was a bestseller in the US where Lao She was a visiting professor. He also taught Chinese at the Oriental School of London University in his earlier days.

Founded in 1988, Lao She Tea House was named after Mr. Lao She, a famous artist in China, and Tea House, one of his famous novels. With service area of more than 2,600 square meters, the teahouse provides an antique-flavor, Beijing-styled environment, where you can watch wonderful performances by celebrities from folk arts and drama on any given day while enjoying famous tea, palace snacks as well as traditional Beijing flavor state. Numerous celebrities and more than 2 million Chinese and foreign tourists have visited Lao She Teahouse since it was founded. It has been a window for exhibiting the national culture and a bridge that connects China with the world.

Tea is a kind of tree or bush, its leaves, and the beverage made from the leaves. Tea was first used medicinally when it was found in ancient China. Tea is a very important thing in Chinese lives. It even evolves a specific culture--- "Tea Culture".in China. It includes the articles, poems, and pictures about tea, the art of making and drinking tea, and some customs about tea. When in China, do as the Chinese do. Forget the coffee and try some Chinese tea! It might change your drinking habit of a lifetime.

Address: No.3, Qianmen West Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing 前门西大街3号老舍茶馆。

Transportation: Take bus routes 5, 10, 110, 120 and take off at Qianmen stop, or take subway Line 2 and take off at Qianmen station. exit south-west.

Opening hours: Daily 7:50-9:20pm

Reservation tel: +(8610) 135 5252 7373 English speaking

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You meet our guide in front of the Lao she tea house before the show to receive your tickets. we are not the Laoshe teahouse ticket office. we are a travel agency. so when you arrived the Lao She Tea House contact with our guide please.

Please send email to: You are also welcome to call us at (+86) 135 5252 7373 ( English speaking ).We will have your booking confirmed as soon as possible. When your booking is confirmed, you will get a confirmation email or call from us,In your reply, please inform us of your name, mobile phone number, the number of tickets, price and date. Note: booking based on 8 people!

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